How to write a college paper in a matter of hours?

Do you have a college paper with a deadline around the corner and your short on time? Some students get their best work done under pressure and you may just have a chance at making the deadline with reasonable quality content. The idea is to have a few elements in mind when you are set to write your paper. In many cases, if you are familiar with your chosen topic well enough, you may be able to include more of your personal knowledge than you think.

  • Keep in mind this information may be helpful if you have a topic already selected. If not, you should select something you feel comfortable writing about or something that may not require too much research. You should also note how much time you have exactly between now and when you need to submit your paper to plan your time left wisely.
  • It may help to have a basic outline created which may only take you several minutes to about an hour. This is basically your instructions or “path” you will take in making sure you include pertinent details. This may detail the sections or categories your paper needs to include based on the type of paper you are writing.
  • Research your topic. Gather important details and be sure they fit in with the main idea or thesis statement for which your paper is working to support. You may need to conduct some research and collect data to create a solid statement or general idea.
  • Collected data can be organized into sections of where you will present it on the page. You want to present your details logically so your message comes clear and the main point is sufficiently supported.
  • Do you need to format your paper? Review sample formatting styles based on what is required. You may need to do this prior to writing your paper, but if you have a rough draft completed, you may have a better idea on how to format your paper.
  • Once you have a draft completed, revise and rewrite your content. Make sure points and statistical information is correct. Make sure data is cited correctly if needed. Then proceed to write your final draft.
  • Proofread and edit what you have written. This is also a good time to review guidelines or instructions you may have been presented by your instructor. This can greatly increase chances of getting positive marks on your paper.