How to Write an Original Breast Cancer Research Paper

Hundreds of thousands of students and researchers are constantly churning out research papers. With so many out there it is easy to find many overlapping ideas and research problems. When so many people are writing you it can be difficult to find a truly original idea, particularly when you writing within the niche of breast cancer research. How does one find a truly original idea for a breast cancer research paper?

Challenge Yourself

Most people lack originality because they are incredibly entrenched in their views. The reason why most students and researcher remain so stubborn because being original is hard. If you truly want to come with something original you need to allow your viewpoint or beliefs to be challenged. Spark a debate with a colleague or even someone outside of your field. Force yourself to defend your preconceived notions.

Encourage Curiosity

Contrary to popular superstition your feline friend will be just find if you are willing to open your mind to new ideas. Original ideas come from being curious about your field. Learn as much as possible from other students and researchers in your field. Read as much as you can. Explore other fields of study to try and determine if your background could somehow apply to that field.

Organizing your Ideas

Our minds are wonderful storages devices but they can only hold so much. You need to find a way to keep them organized so you can come back to them. Writing them down makes your idea real and gives it high priority. Writing your ideas and thoughts down in organized fashion, say in a physical notebook or computer allows you to keep your thoughts from overlapping and creating confusion. A good rule of thumb is carry a small notepad around with you and writing whatever comes to mind. At the end of the day you can revisit that idea and reflect on it.

The hardest part about creating an original breast cancer research paper is not actually in the writing itself. It is not even coming up with an idea, question, or angle that someone has not tackled before. You need to get over the fear of standing out. Many people are not original because they are afraid of the potential for standing alone and being ridiculed. It is simply easier and safer to discuss what everyone always talks and writes about. If you truly want to find an original idea for your paper you need to be willing to be an original yourself.