10 Good Ideas for Your Sociology Research Paper Topics

  • The Vikings’ Social Structure

    The Vikings have been labeled as murdering brutes and while this was largely true they did have a social structure. Examine their social structure and discuss its shortcomings, could the Vikings have lived without the pillaging?

  • Why North and South Korea Cannot Get Along Socially

    There has been much anger between North Korea and South Korea. Explain what needs to happen in order for these two to become good society neighbors.

  • The Dangers in Being a Sociologist

    A sociologist can become a danger to society. This happens when the sociologist, convinced that he or she understands society completely, sets out to change or dictate to others how they can better themselves.

  • Why the Aztec Culture Was Not a Good Society

    Examine the Aztec culture and point out its deficiencies as a society. What were its failings? Discuss how keeping the population in fear of the ruling class will not lead to a culture thriving.

  • The Difference Between the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Empire Socially

    First there was the Roman Empire, which then later became the Holy Roman Empire. Research the structure of these two societies and point out their differences.

  • The Society of a Family

    Look into how society is affected by members from different types of families. The children who come from a family where both parents are involved as opposed to a dysfunctional family.

  • What function does professional sports serve in modern society?

    Professional sports teams grip the nation and are largely popular in various age groups. What hold does sports have on a society and why?

  • The Good Farmers Do for a Society

    Explain why it is important that a society have a farming class. Research what could happen to a society that is unable to sustain itself without assistance from another society.

  • A Sovereign Society versus a Democratic Society

    Define a sovereign society and then a democratic one. Compare two such societies against one another, weighing their pros and cons with an impartial eye so as to treat each one fairly.

  • Why Traditions are More Closely Followed by a Society than Laws Are

    Pick a society and research its traditions. Look for evidence in how often these traditions are withheld from being carried out and then look into how often the laws are broken in that society. What makes a tradition more likely to be fulfilled than a law?