How to create a good research paper body part

Research papers can be a challenge. They’re especially difficult for those who haven’t in the past worked on writing projects of this scope. Unlike essays, research papers may run into dozens of pages, if not more, depending on the instructor’s assignment. That can lead to some problems in determining how to structure the body of the paper.

Why Structure is Important

There are, of course, many aspects of a research paper assignment that require special attention. One of these is the structure of the body of the research paper. Structure is perhaps the most critical element in planning the body of the research paper, aside from the content. However, even with great content, a poorly structured research paper may not receive an exceptional score.

Research Paper Structuring Challenges

Most students learn to structure their writing assignments based upon the subjects of each individual paragraph. In high school and below, even so-called research papers are usually just slightly-more-lengthy essays. Once arriving at college or university, however, these students learn they must properly structure papers of 10 or 20 pages—or even longer.

Understanding Research Paper Structure

With proper preparation, structuring your research paper doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of focusing on paragraph structure, research paper writers should create sections for each topic they’re using to support their thesis. Each section can be treated something like a mini essay. For example, one support for the thesis might include several different sources. The section can have a pared down introduction, a paragraph on each source, and a segue/conclusion paragraph to lead into the next section.

The Importance of Outlining

While many high school writers learn to skip outlining their essays as they becoming comfortable with the format, writing college research papers is a good time to revisit this important writing skill. Without outlining, it can be very easy to go off track with a longer writing assignment. Not only should the research paper overall be outlined in detail, but each section should be carefully outlined in advance. This can help keep your paper coherent and ensure that it has a readable, sensible flow.

Organization During Research

One way to be certain that the outline and structure processes go smoothly is to remain organized throughout the research process. Have a general idea of the sections your paper will cover, and keep your research in separate folders according to section.