Writing a cancer research paper - Should you go with the informative or research approach?

Writing a cancer research paper has its ups and downs. You can write about cancer while learning significant strides made along the way. You have access to wide selection of sources that can provide useful data to contribute to research efforts. But when it comes to writing your paper and presenting your findings, is it best to go with a research or informative approach? It may depend on what you are writing about and the overall message you want to get across. In some cases, it may depend on whether you are working to provide a unique point or aspect on a certain problem or concern.

Weighing Benefits of Both Approaches

While each approach offers plenty of positive and negative aspects, you may end up paying more attention to what each one can do for you. Informative approach may help raise awareness on certain issues related to cancer research or provide details on age groups or people who are affected. It may also work to provide potential causes and solutions within the concept itself. Research approach may include providing information about research conducted on the concept in the past or what should be done in the future. This may include more complex detail about what is going on behind the scenes with research efforts.

When Would One Be Better Than the Other?

This will depend on the topic of your research paper and what you are arguing or trying to prove. The informative approach may be better when you are trying to present details that may be useful in giving a better understand of what happens or what is happening. The research approach may be better for those who want to learn more about the research processes in connection to cancer research. This may include getting information from people who are actually part of research efforts. You may use certain sources that are different from when you want to present content of informative nature.

Is It Possible to Use a Bit of Both?

Again, this depends on what you are discussing and main idea you are trying to support. If one option is better than the other then go with what you feel would best for your findings. Some may find using both approaches can help them understand their subject manner in more detail when it comes to writing about their findings.