Buying Research Papers Is Cheating

When you’re up against a research paper that’s due soon, you can experience stress in trying to get all the work done. Most students do, and frustration and anxiety come along with that stress. Since you’re reading an article about buying research papers, you’ve likely heard about online services where you can pay an expert writer to do your research paper, essay, or even dissertation for you.

Does this count as cheating? Some would say yes, others no. In order to determine where you stand, keep on reading. You’ll learn how each side has valuable arguments, and how to decide which route you’ll probably want to take.

What Counts as Cheating?

Sometimes in this modern age, the lines are blurred for issues like this. How do we know what does count and what doesn’t? Most students would answer this question with answers like:

  • Copying someone else’s test
  • Your mom (or brother, or friend or whoever) doing your assignment for you
  • Seeing the test before you take it and finding out the answers
  • Copying someone else’s assignment and handing in duplicates
  • Plagiarizing from the internet

But what about paying someone to write an assignment for you? That kind of falls under the “your mom doing it for you” but this time, it’s a stranger, who also is an expert in writing research papers and would get you a much better grade. Some might argue that counts even more as cheating, since most companies guarantee you a good grade.

If you believe that any form of having someone else do it for you counts as cheating, then online writing services would fall into that category. Having help from someone else is usually deemed as acceptable, so if you paid for expert help on the editing or on the research, but wrote most of it yourself, would that be considered cheating?

How to Buy Research Papers

If you do decide you still want to purchase your paper online, here’s how to do it. Take the instructions from your teacher and upload them to the website. Make sure that you choose the right type of essay or paper that you need done, and put in the required word or page count, and the deadline you need it finished by. Then, depending on the website, you may be assigned a writer or able to choose one yourself, and you can lay back and relax while they write it for you.