How Can I Write a Research Paper Without Much Effort?

Research papers do not have to take as long as people think they do. The key to effortless research paper writing is all in the planning. With the proper planning and organizations, the paper will not require much effort.


Select your topic quickly. Make sure that you know if you get to pick the topic of your choice or if you have to pick from a list that the teacher has provided for you. Once you know that, select a topic that you are interested in because you will have to spend a lot of time with this topic.

Thesis Statement

For the easiest route, use a three-part thesis statement. If any one of the three main points is weaker than the others, place that point in the middle spot. You outline will have ifve major components:

  • Introduction
  • Main Point One
  • Main Point Two
  • Main Point Three
  • Conclusion

Research Methods

Once you have your thesis statement and your main points, begin your research. For time purposes, work during your downtime from your laptop and tablet. Utilize every single down moment you have and search for your support. Go straight to the academic databases and do not waste your time on sites that are questionable or not valid.


A very detailed outline will make writing the paper an easier task. As you compose your outline, include as many details and facts as you possibly can. You will be happy you did this when you sit down to write.

Rough Draft

When you get to your rough draft, slow down and take it easy. If the rough draft is written with care and detail, you will need very little edits for the final draft. So, in the long run the taking time on the draft with save you time.


Have all your fiends, family, and teachers who are willing to proof your paper for you. Try to eliminate silly mistakes before you turn in the rough draft.


Match all in-text citations with the works cited to ensure that all your sources are on the Works Cited or Bibliography page. The match has to be perfect, so you are not plagiarizing.

By following these tips and suggestions, the writing of your research paper will be easier. It is indeed possible to write a solid paper in a small amount of time if you apply yourself to the job.