How to find a research paper topic?

When faced with a finding a research paper topic you have to think about what the subject matter is. Are you writing for English Composition? Are you writing for Introduction to Business? Whatever your class is there are a few ways to find the best research paper topic. Here are a few examples of how to find the right topic that will gain you an A.

Consider what class it is for?

Depending on what class the research paper is for the topic should reflect your knowledge in that subject. Each class has different subject matter and in order to write the most appropriate research paper for the class that assigned the paper you need to be familiar with the subject matter. Reading your textbook can help you familiarize yourself with the class subject matter. This will help you to determine what topic will be best for you research paper. Doing some research online for popular subject matter for your class can also help you to determine what topic to use. There are many sites online that will help you determine what topics to consider

Deciding your topic interests.

Once you have determined the class that your paper is for the next step is to decide what topics interest you. Doing some research into pertinent topics associated with your class will help you to make a list of topics that may help you narrow down the right one. . You can take a poll online, or ask friends, family or other colleges about their opinions on what topics to work with. Searching Google can also bring up many sites that help by offering suggestions of specific topics that pertain to your subject matter. Make a list of the topics then do a little pre-research investigating to see which topic has the most information for the paper. One way to decide on the topic is to do an outline for each of your choices and get your title, subtitle, and body lined up so that you can see if the topic you are working with will have enough information to either support the claim or discredit the claim. Research papers are geared around supporting the topic or discrediting the topic. This can be done by making sure your topic is arguable for both sides. When you pick the right topic and stance to take on the topic then it becomes time to submit that topic to your teacher for approval. Once approved you are ready to start your outline.