Research Paper Writing Tutorial: General Style


Here is a guide of how to write a research paper.

Picking a topic:

Your instructor decides to let you as the writer have free reign as far as what the research paper is about. Now it’s time for you to pick your topic. Sit down with a piece of paper and pre-write by either doing a web or even a list. Do this for about 10 minutes just to get thoughts on paper.

After that, put it away for a couple of days before getting it back and looking at it. After that, pick a couple of ideas that seem to interest you and start researching.


After choosing a topic or two, then start to research. Look through archives at the library and or online for periodicals and journals to aid in the search for information that you can use to back up the claim or argument that you will be writing about in the paper.

Getting organized

So you have the research, now what? It is time to get the sources organized as well as what you plan on writing on. By getting sources organized it will help you to put the sources where they need to be in the paper, but also will help when you are writing your bibliography to avoid plagiarism. Having an outline will help as it can help you determine what to put in the paper.

Start writing out your paper

After you are organized and have your outline, it is now time to write your rough draft. It will have an introduction, body, and conclusion, along with a reference page or bibliography section. In the introduction, make sure to either have an anecdote or shocking fact and or statistic in order to draw in the reader and include the thesis as the last sentence that will help let your reader know what you plan on writing about. The body is the three points that were used in the thesis and go into details about why each is important to the topic. The conclusion wraps everything else and is the call to action about what can be done.

Bibliography or reference page

In order to make sure that you are not accused of cheating or plagiarizing, make sure to include a reference page or bibliography page. All this page entails is a list of sources that were cited throughout the paper.


After writing the rough draft go back through the paper by yourself first to see if there are any grammatical errors or misspellings. Along with that, make sure that every sentence has a purpose and that the paper is staying focused on what you chose to write about. Have a friend look at it to make sure that it makes sense and then check it again after a clean copy is done.