Research Paper Thesis: Composing a Draft

When you are assigned to do a research paper it can feel a bit daunting at first. There are ways to get the project done in a less daunting fashion. Each person will find their own way of doing this and some find their way more quickly than others. If you have yet to find yours just keep trying different ways and one day it will just click.

Benefits of writing a draft

When you are in the research phase of your paper you should have a notebook or Word file where you are recording notes. These notes should each be recorded along with their respective sources to make it easier for you when you get to the citation part. Some people find that a rough outline helps here too. As you are researching you just enter the information in the appropriate places in the outline.

If you are doing it in this fashion then you can just go through your completed outline rather quickly and use the finished product as a rough draft.

That is one way to do it

Another way is to make a diagram with each component of your paper clearly marked. Like with the outline, while doing the research put the information in the correlating places on the diagram. When you have that completed then you just need to put all of the information in the order that it should be in on your paper and write up a rough draft from this.


When doing the rough draft it should be done with a font that is both clear and large enough to be seen and at least double spaced. This is to leave room in between the lines for when you print it and are reading through it. You can make any comments, notes or revisions in the spaces between the rows.

Does it help?

Absolutely. It helps tremendously. Not only when you read through it are you able to find any mistakes or content where it shouldn’t be, every time you read something it gets stuck in your brain a little bit more. Not only are you fixing your paper when you read a rough draft you are imbedding the knowledge in your brain in the process.

When you are assigned a research paper and you use a rough draft you will get a noticeably better grade than you would if you just threw it together and didn’t look at it again.