Using research paper introduction examples

Writing a research paper is no easy task. The procedures that are involved are complicated and rather lengthy. Due to the variety of different styles for research paper writing, many students have no idea what their papers are supposed to look like. This is why it is very beneficial for students to have several examples of whole papers and of various parts of research papers.

Students Need to Know Where to Begin

Teachers are familiar with the question, “How do I start?” and in many cases, they do not have the exact answers. Many students just want their teachers to present them with the first few sentences or even a few words. Teachers prefer not to give students opening sentences or words, because students should be doing the thinking on their own. Fortunately, for teachers and students, there are other ways to help students get started on their research papers.

Show Students Several Examples

Research shows that many students benefit from seeing examples, especially when it comes to a writing assignment that is in a style that is unfamiliar. Research paper examples can be found online at writing websites and formatting websites. If you need to write in an APA, MLA, Chicago Style, or other professional style, you should be able to see examples with in-text documentation as well as how to list those sources at the end of the paper. Other samples can be found on tutoring sites. Whether the sites have examples in pieces and parts or in complete papers, good and bad, they can all be used as examples for students to see.

Break Down the Components

Some teachers like to take those samples and break down the components in front of their students. It can be helpful for teachers to show the introductory components, with the hook and explanatory elements. Then, teachers should show their students the section of the introductory paragraph that contains the claim or thesis. Lastly, teachers should show how the writer connected the hook to the thesis, especially since students have difficulty with this part of the introduction.

Show the Variety of Lengths and Styles

It is helpful to not only show students an introduction made up of one paragraph, but also those that include two or more paragraphs. Students need to see that they can use variety to make their papers interesting and informative. They should also be shown introductions that use different types of hooks, too.