Technology and Its Effect on Human Freedom and Happiness in Society

Since its introduction, technology has constantly developed bringing with it different changes in the society. The field of technology affects all aspects of human life. People are getting used to it and it is even unimaginable to live without it in the current society. It affects the way things are done in the work place and the social life and this has a great impact on human freedom and happiness. This paper discusses how technology has been influential in these aspects of human life.

In the current places of work, technology has transformed the way people work. It is now easy to work from remote places with more information without having to visit offices or get into libraries for such of information. This has been enabled through the introduction of internet that allows one to work from anywhere and send the work to the main offices. People can easily communicate through email, phones and other communication methods as they work from different places. These have allowed people to work at their own convenience without the hustle of moving from their homes and going through traffic jams.

The advancement in communication and introduction of modern facilities has allowed people to live happily. Modern facilities such as those used in hospitals have allowed the treatment of diseases and ailments that were considered deadly early on. With such assurance, people are more comfortable and happier with information that such diseases can be contained. Technology has also developed and enhanced the field of entertainment. Introductions such as the Mp-3 players and iPods allow people to listen to music and have access to other forms of entertainment such as games at their own convenience.

However, technology too has its own negative consequences. It has created some form of reliance in the society to an extent that its failure can affect operations in all fields thereby creating stressing and unhappy situations. People are becoming lazier in carrying out their daily chores especially when there is no technological assistance. Although the developments have positive impacts on human freedom and happiness, its usage has to be checked to ensure that such negative consequences do not affect performance.