How to Find a Legit Research Paper Writing Service

Research paper writing services are pretty easy to come by. Next time you’re cruising the internet, type in ‘research paper writing service’ into your search bar. You’ll get about half a million different sites all specializing in the same thing – writing research papers for students. The problem, though, is how to choose from amongst those countless options. Out of all those companies, there’s bound to be more than a few scam artists lying about, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. These false companies can steal important information and large sums of money under the façade of a ‘writing service.’ The question, then, is how to tell legit writing services from scams. Luckily, there are a few clues that you can look for when choosing a writing service – clues that will either point to an excellent company or expose a false one.

  • See how far communication goes.If a writing service is only interested in ripping you off and taking your money, they won’t exactly get personable and friendly with you. Unreliable writing services will communicate as little as possible with their clients to avoid giving away any information that might betray company details or intent. If you can’t talk to a customer service representative, writer, manager or any other employee, then it’s trouble. Seek out writing services that communicate promptly and informatively, whether it’s via email, instant messaging or phone calls. The more they talk to you, the better!
  • Ask for examples and guarantees. It is better to trust writing services that are open about past work and offer certain guarantees, such as refunds and revisions. Writing services that don’t showcase writing examples probably do so because they have none, or the ones they have are either poorly written or plagiarized. Use companies that offer examples, keep you informed and provide a safety net (whether financially or academically) if the paper doesn’t manage to work out.
  • Find reviews. The internet is a wonderful thing – people are able to give their opinions on just about anything. Find reviews on the site or company you’re looking into. Make sure these reviews aren’t coming from the company’s site, however (they may invent reviews or not display negative ones). Your best bet is to search for past customers that have reviewed the company on other sites or locations. Here, you’ll get more honest opinions about experiences with the writing service.

Employ these strategies to discover whether or not a writing service is trustworthy. With your money, identity and academic future on the line, it’s not worth the risk. Think ahead and practice these simple techniques and observations before selecting your preferred writing service.