I Would Like to Buy a Research Paper

Looking to buy a research paper may seem like a great idea until you type in buy a research paper online and come up with 50,000 results. How do you choose which company or individual to purchase from and how do you know that it won’t come back to bite you later? Buying a research paper is like buying a car. You don’t buy from the first car dealership you see on the side of the road. You ask around, shop around and see how the salesmen treat you before making your choice.

The same decision making skills should be applied when you are buying a research paper. You want to know that the person writing the paper has the skills and knowledge in order to provide the desired results, but you also want to know that if you get the finished product and it isn’t exactly what you are looking for that the writer will fix what you don’t like.

Here is a checklist of things that you should do before you purchase your research paper:

  • Request a copy of the writer’s resume.
  • Ask what their revision policy entails.
  • Keep an eye out for misuse or broken English.
  • Request a sample of previous work that they have completed on a similar subject.
  • Ask that they provide references and actually follow up with the references.
  • Continually ask them for communication and updates on how the paper is coming.
  • Check for plagiarism on the finished product.
  • Keep their contact information.
  • Warn others if you find they are a scam.

This checklist coupled with common sense will be the best tool to selecting your research paper of choice. It is never wise to buy a research paper that is in a stockpile already written. If they are handing it out to you, who is to say that it is not published somewhere else, thus increasing your chances of getting into trouble.

Buying a research paper can save you time but be ready to do a little research on the person or company that you are hiring to write it. A lot of people and companies make millions reselling papers and essays that have been previously handed out to others. It only takes one of those papers being published for you to potentially ruin your school career and possibly beyond.