Writing a Stem Cell Research Paper

A stem cell research paper is a much more advanced type of essay than the standard research paper.  This is because the information presented regards advanced scientific research. 

Step #1

The first step to writing a paper about stem cell research is to understand what it is you are writing about.

  • Stem cells are various cells in the body that can reproduce themselves over and over again, as well as regenerate and repair cells. They are also the cells needed to create a human being. 
  • Because these cells have so much potential, they are the focus of much research as a possible cure or treatment for all kinds of diseases.
  • Stem cell research is a highly controversial issue and is often the center of many moral, ethical, and religious debate because stem cells are obtained from the cells of a human being. 

Step #2

Pick a topic based on an angle of the research you are comfortable with.  You can choose to base your arguments around the ethical issues of stem cell research, or stick with a more scientific approach.                                 

  • The controversial or ethical approach:

Much of the controversy surrounding the use stem cells is focused on the fact that the cells for research are most often derived from the human embryo or fetus, usually after a miscarriage or an abortion.  Many people see a human embryo, no matter how early of a stage it is in, as an unborn child.  So you can imagine how using the cells from an embryo can present an ethical dilemma, religious or not.  If you choose to conduct your paper from an ethical standpoint, you must be sure to include information that presents both the negative and positive aspects of stem cell research.  Try to reserve any personal opinions you may have about the topic for your conclusion.  Also, remember that when expressing your opinions for a paper like this, to observe writing etiquette and use academic integrity with your words. 

  • The scientific approach:

If you want to avoid the moral issues concerning stem cell research, you could write your paper from a strictly scientific point of view.  In this case, you would need to present accurate data from trials and experiments involving stem cells.  Be sure to include any positive and negative results from these experiments.  What is the goal of the research being conducted?  What problem is it trying to address?  Is the stem cell research focusing on a specific disease?  If so, what are the expectations hoped to be achieved with this research?  These are the types of questions that you need to answer with your research paper, using reliable data as your supporting evidence. 

Step #3

Finally, don’t forget to follow the academic format for a research paper. 

  • This includes your introduction and thesis statement, an abstract about the sources of information you will be presenting, your methods and results section, and your conclusion.
  • A stem cell research paper will require much more information than that of a standard research paper, because you will be including a lot of medical data in your supporting evidence.  So be thorough in your research and reread all key material to make sure you don’t leave out an important facts.