9/11 Research Paper - Expert Help Online

There are a million topics you can investigate online. Some of them have almost innumerable websites and loads of information. Some, of course, have very little information. The tragic and world shattering event which took place in New York City on September 11, 2001 is an event with a massive amount of information available online. Of course because the information exists does not necessarily mean it is from an expert. I guess we have to define the word expert but generally speaking, it means somebody with a large body of provable evidence and who is willing to share this evidence in good faith. As the person producing the research paper, it is your task to [a] find the online help and [b] decide if it has been produced by someone with expertise and supporting evidence.

So if you are writing a research paper on the active terrorism in New York City then you will not be short of editorials, articles and specialist information. Your toughest task will be to wade through the masses of material and, having chosen the online help which most appeals to you, then deciding whether or not it has been provided by an expert; a tricky task because of the mass of available material.

Theories of a conspiracy abound

One of the most popular areas for discussion about the 9/11 disaster concerns a conspiracy. The general view is that terrorists hijacked airplanes and deliberately flew them into the twin towers. However, there are many who believe there is more to the event.

Online you can find detailed descriptions of what exactly happened but also much more about why it happened and who was responsible. Whether these theories are true is up to you to decide. Deciding who is an expert in writing material which is published online can be tricky. The science of the collapse of the tall buildings has been analyzed in great detail. Sometimes this science is used to substantiate a conspiracy theory.

But not only do we have conspiracy theories about the event, we also have books, websites and videos which attack these conspiracy theories. In short, anyone writing a research paper on this topic will find a wealth of material online. Some of it has been written by experts and their material will be a veritable gold mine for your research. Your research paper will not be lacking in online help for your work.