Research paper writing help: bibliography

A bibliography displays a list of sources used by the writer to complete their research paper. This outlines books, websites, articles and other sources by giving credit to where data came from that is included in the written text. In many cases when you complete your bibliography if it is not done correctly or you are missing information you could lose points on your project. This section of the research paper may be completed based on guidelines and instructions presented to you by your instructor. A specific formatting style may be used to execute this portion of the paper.

Keeping Track of Your Sources

There are students that get confused when it comes to completing this portion of their research paper. If you keep track of your sources as you use them this can actually be an easy process to complete. You can create a rough draft that includes information you have so far about your sources. Then you can compare guidelines to what you have to ensure your bibliography is complete before creating your final draft. There are certain pieces of information you should record from each source to use such as publication date, author, place of publication, full title of work, and publisher.

Writing the Bibliography

An easy method to help you keep track includes using index cards or a note card to write down details. You also need to consider how to record sources for facts used in your paper. This is an important factor to consider when citing sources on a page within your research paper. You can also double-check your facts easier when you record them on note cards as you collect your data. When your bibliography is written your content should appear in alphabetical order. This is for sources that may not have an author listed, but if you have a particular formatting style to follow you should use it accordingly. Sources such as interviews, articles, and text content should be included in the list.

Additional Information You Should Know about the Bibliography

A printed source may have information you are required to mention that may vary from an online source. A printed source may include the author name, publication title, date of publication and volume number if an encyclopedia or magazine was used. For web sources the web address, date the page was accessed and name of company or organization that provided the content may need to be mentioned.