Sample Research Papers Can Help Write Better Essays

Writing is a daunting experience for many students. If you are one of those students who needs all the help you can get for an essay, it is a good idea to see as many models as you can. Many students find that essay writing becomes much easier after they have learned how to write a research paper. So, if you are in need of essay writing help, searching for sample research papers is one of the best ways to improve your writing.

Longer Works Provide More Assistance

Research papers are long essays that are designed to create new thinking about a common topic. Students tend to write short research papers in upper elementary and in middle school grades, but they write the longer ones once they reach high school. Essays are a lot like research papers, but without the extensive time it takes to research and document the knowledge needed to craft a research paper.

Essays and research papers are both examples of persuasive writing. So, it makes sense that a research paper would serve as a good example for an essay. The two different types of writing have many similarities, including:

  • Attention-getting hooks
  • Thesis statements that take a position
  • Body paragraphs that support the thesis
  • Examples that support the topic sentences in each body paragraph
  • Conclusion that wraps up the main points and urges reader to take action

Introduction Help

Since a research paper is longer, the attention-getting hook is usually longer, which gives writers a good idea of how to get the readers’ attention without being over-the-top. Before learning to write a research paper, many writers will use capital letters to shout at the reader rather than use a subtle technique that might incorporation humor or a personal connection to get the reader interested.

Solid Examples Help Essay Writers

The longer research paper serves as a good example because of the fact that the paper has more paragraphs to use as examples. The body paragraphs often have more examples and actual documentation that helps writers see what they should be accomplishing in a shorter essay.

Conclusion Help

The conclusions in sample research papers can also be helpful because they often show the repetition of main points that is so vital in any essay. Since research papers are persuasive and the writers work hard to get the readers to see the point, research paper conclusions usually urge readers to take action, which many essay writers forget to do.