Acupuncture – Essay Example

Acupuncture is not a novel mode of treatment because it was used more than 2,000 years ago in China, where it originated. This kind of treatment entails the puncture of the skin with needles at certain areas based on the rationale that the needles will connect energy pathways. This paper is a discussion about acupuncture meant to give insight into this subject.

Acupuncture is embraced by some people, who talk of its benefits. Acupuncture is said to positively affect the muscle tone, antibody production, nervous system, allergic responses, and hormone outputs. In addition, it alleviates withdrawal symptoms in individuals who have quit smoking. It is an effective type of therapy that aids individuals on a weight loss program. Also, it helps to reduce pain during child birth. The manner through which these benefits are achieved is not yet clear to scientists and some speculate that it may be just a mere placebo.

Acupuncture however is associated with some negative implications and researchers warn that it is not safe. It has been reported that a large number of patients, who have gone through this mode of treatment, have agonized over complications such as collapsed lungs and dizziness. The collapsing of lungs is referred to as pneumothorax and results when a needle accidentally penetrates into the chest. In other cases, needles in the patients’ bodies are not removed. Borland has used statistics to prove this based on a study that showed 63 instances where patients had lost consciousness, 99 instances of reported dizziness, 100 cases of left needles in the body, and five instances of pneumothorax.

Acupuncture is a traditional type of therapy that entails the use of needles. Despite the arguments against acupuncture, it is an ideal mode of treatment because it does not entail injecting the body with chemicals, helps cure certain ailments and alleviates symptoms in others. Since the main challenge is needles being left in the body, a professional way of penetrating needles in the skin should be established.