Book Review

Othello by William Shakespeare


Othello is one of the classic literature of the nineteenth century. It was written by William Shakespeare. It is one of his most-renowned and admired plays. It is a story of a Moor by the name of Othello. The story is romantic with a tragic end. Almost all of Shakespeare's plays were romantic tragedies. Something happened to the actors in the play which resulted in a dramatic and tragic end. However, it was the dialogues and the storylines in Shakespeare's plays that were the most liked. These plays were also presented in the most venerable theatres of London. Shakespeare never employed any female to play any role in his plays. Rather, all of the female roles were played by boys dressed up like female actors in the play.

Book Review

Othello is an excellent book and a piece of classic literature. Such plays have not been written again by any of the modern writers. The play has both a strong story and a great delivery of the dialogues. The story goes that Othello is one Moor who lives in Venice. He falls in love with Desdemona, who is the daughter of Brabantio. Accordingly, he elopes with Desdemona and they contract marriage. When Brabantio learns of this he has no other way but to accept this marriage even when her daughter has brought him shame. Iago, who is the villain in the play is jealous of Othello. He is always looking for a chance to ruin the life of Othello or to have him killed. Consequently, he decides that he will not let Othello live happily with Desdemona. While Othello is away, he manages to steal the handkerchief of Desdemona and gives it to Cassio. Cassio visits courtesans and is not a very noble man.

Finally, Iago tells Othello that his wife has have been committing adultery with Cassio. He also provides the proof of the handkerchief which Desdemona gave to Cassio. (This handkerchief was originally given by Othello to his wife). Othello becomes outraged and decides to kill his wife. Accordingly, he kisses her to death and smothers her with the same handkerchief (Shakespeare 1-97). Then, he is left with nothing but remorse.


This is a great book which presents one of the classic pieces of literature. The same story and play has also been converted into a film. The play is very grasping and keeps the reader engaged until its end. There is no better read than one of the best pieces of William Shakespeare in classic literature.