Making Up an Interesting Research Paper Topic

Research papers are not exactly the most exciting assignment in the world. Students almost always struggle with some aspect of a research paper every time they are assigned one; however, the most common area of difficulty is in the assignment’s basic genesis. Developing a solid, interesting topic for a research paper is probably the most difficult step in research paper writing – honestly, it pretty much determines the success or failure of the entire paper. Making up interesting paper topics, however, isn’t an easy task – but there are a few basic steps towards achieving it.

First of all, when you’re picking a research paper topic, you don’t necessarily have to shoot for the stars. A lot of students think that by picking an incredibly difficult topic, you’ll gain interest and enthusiasm (as well as lots of extra credit from your teacher). Picking a hard topic, though, just makes your life a living hell. Start simple. What is the general subject of you research paper? Let’s say it’s on psychology. Once you’ve got something general, start narrowing it down – maybe something like child psychology. Keep your topic to something general at first – you’ll be fine-tuning it and specifying it more, later.

As you’re narrowing down your topic ideas, remember: if it interests you, it’s likely to interest others. Don’t write a research paper on women during the Civil War if you find that topic to be absolutely boring. Writing on topics you find uninteresting just increases writer’s block and makes the assignment infinitely more difficult. Pick a topic you enjoy. What do you like to write about? What sorts of subjects really spark your curiosity? This is the best place to start if you’re seeking an interesting paper topic. Also, writing on topics you’re already familiar with is an excellent idea. This makes research easier and pumps more enthusiasm into your writing. Plus, you won’t be constantly wrestling with unfamiliar terms and concepts; you’ll already have a basic understanding of the topic.

Finally, when you’re seeking an interesting research paper topic, keep your options open. Don’t settle for the first idea that pops into your head. Explore the general subject area through internet surfing, reading, movies or other avenues. Simply exposing yourself to related content can inspire a vast number of topic ideas you may have never anticipated. Find a few good topics and then select the one that peaks your curiosity the most. By implementing these techniques and behaviors, any student should be able to find an interesting, original research paper topic with very little difficulty.