A List of Impressive Government Topics for Research Papers

With government being the complex entity that it is, there are countless research topics that are highly interesting to discuss given today’s political climate. Other pressing issues such as Obamacare, the new medically insured and the lack of medical care to care for them, increasing tensions with the Middle East and how this affects government on all fronts, terrorism, terroristic groups, and increasing hacking issues into important government files that put Americans at great risk – all the burning issues occurring right now alone, not to mention issues for governments past, create a rich body of topics to draw on for any essay in government today.

Good, Trustworthy Sources for Topics

There are many resources for government topics for essays that you can consult for good ideas. A good newspaper’s front section, world section, and their politics section will reveal a unique selection of topics almost daily—especially large, respected newspaper’s databases that you can consult online or even better, with your school or university’s website, which will allow you to consult all the better newspapers for free. Also, your school’s governmental databases will help you find dozens of good topics to write upon. Another way to find topics would be to ask a librarian which software databses in your school’s library hold scholarly articles on government-related topics.

Be Careful On The Web

Like researching material for a religion class, you have to be careful of the sites you visit for information on because some are written from a biased perspective. Even newspapers have biases – and magazines. So be a resistant reader and question what you read and how you feel about it. Try using only .gov or searches for “recommended non-biased sites on government topics and research papers” for search topics.

Impressive, Intelligent Government Topics for Research Papers

  1. Should the government demand that all states legalize gay marriage?
  2. Should the government legalize marijuana?
  3. The Issue of Global Warming: We Must Act Now
  4. Government Bailouts: Right or Harmful to Society at Large
  5. Stem Cell Research: Should This Controversy Be Stopped Now As Long as It Saves Lives?
  6. The Issue of HIV Drug Kits
  7. Palm Oil and the Extinction of Orangutans: Do We Need Another Threat of Extinction of More Wildlife?
  8. The Debate of Allowing Heroin Use for the Terminally Ill
  9. The Rise and Impact of the Tea Party Movement: What Impact has This Movement Had On America?
  10. Comparing and Contrasting direct versus representative democracy.
  11. Suggested Ways in Which We Can Motivate More Young People to Vote
  12. Suggested Ways to Get More Americans to Vote
  13. Are There Dangers to Relying On Polling in Presidential Elections Today and What Should Be Done About It?
  14. Compare and Contrast the Major Political Parties in the U.S.
  15. Compare and Contrast Our Government to Great Britain’s
  16. Compare and Contrast the US Government to Canada’s
  17. Are Politicians too Much at the Mercy of the Media?: Why the Media is Called the “Fourth Branch” of Government
  18. Which of the Three branches of U.S. Government Has the Most Power in Your Opinion and Why
  19. Should the Constitution be amended to abolish the Electoral College and provide for the direct election of the President?
  20. The Debate Over Immigration: Who Should be Allowed In and Who Shouldn’t?