Tips And Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About Malcolm X

To write about a person, popular or not, is never easy. You only see their life from the outside and you can not bring a personal note to the text. Even more, if you try to interpret their actions you can become offensive; maybe they did not do those things for the reasons that you think. Malcolm X was a great personality and he did many amazing things for people; writing a research paper about him is truly an honor and a great way of acknowledging his legacy. These ideas will help you:

  • Talk about his religion. As you know, he was a Muslim, and Islam is very controversial nowadays. You can let your colleagues know more about this religion and how it influenced his actions. He based all his speeches on religious concepts, and he dedicated his life to freedom and equality.
  • His early years. He was not always preaching about equality. Actually, in his early years he was part of an organization that supported racism. A few years later, he realized that he was making a big mistake and he turned all his efforts into something good. This is a very good example on how people can change and make a difference in the world.
  • His visit to Saudi Arabia. Not many people know this, but that was the moment when he realized that he was meant to bring peace. He was considered a guest of the Royal Family, and he was one of the first Americans that could visit Mecca, the holy city from Saudi Arabia.
  • Impact on the public. Malcolm X was extremely charismatic, and he could easily control and convince people. This is why he was the leader of several organizations and he was constantly appearing in public to gather more participants. He shared in a large number of parades, events and debates, all of them concerning human equality and religion.
  • Death threats. Since he was so influential and so radical, he was also having many enemies. After he stopped his activity as a radical Muslim, he was threatened a number of times and he was always scared for his life.
  • Assassination. In his last years of life he was travelling around the globe and all around America to preach about equality and happiness. This was what got him killed. He was assassinated by his old partners.